Eclipse began with just 11 freshman who wanted to make an impact. Cliche, yes. However, we as new students did not want to pass up an opportunity to make a positive change not just within the community, but in the world, especially for how big Penn State is. None of us had ever been to THON before, but we knew that if we were ever going to get that fulfillment and make the impact that we strove for, THON was it. We all could have easily joined another organization and got involved, but something was different. This group of individuals weren't content with just joining another group, conforming to their ways of doing things. We wanted to do it ourselves, and we wanted to give others the opportunity to join an organization that they would greatly impact as just a general member. As an unofficial organization, we were in attendance for THON 2016, and as it commenced, each and every one of us knew WHY we were in the position we were in, WHY we all met, and WHY we were all at Penn State. Since then, our organization has grown immensely. For THON 2017, we had 60 members. We grew for THON 2018 to 120 like-minded new members, and for THON 2019, 500 beautiful new members gathered together with one goal in mind. Once you realize that you personally have the ability, the influence, and the drive to help save another person's life, especially at an age and in a position where you don't think you can, you understand how powerful a human being can be and how important each and every one of us is to society as a whole. That is why we started Eclipse our freshman year and that will continue to be our mission, long after we graduate.

- Founder and former President, Colin Heminway (2015-2018)